This special offer includes full access to The Keto Kamp Academy + an At-Home Cellular Inflammation Test Kit:

50X more accurate than any blood test at identifying cellular inflammation. Poor cellular health equals premature aging and has now been linked to so many chronic health conditions. (Taken at home and is completed in minutes ($99 Value)


Are you ready to achieve health beyond anything you've ever imagined?

The Keto Kamp Academy Course & Coaching Bundle is the most comprehensive keto/fasting training and coaching program available anywhere in the world. This will walk you step-by-step through the process of growing on achieving long term results with keto. This coaching bundle will help you create health you've never had before, reduce inflammation, burn fat, and reset your fat burning hormones for good.

I learned most of what I know about keto and fasting the hard way.

Trial and error—and more error than I’d like to admit.

I created Keto Kamp Academy to make sure you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

I’ve been where you are—or worse.

Just a few years ago, I was addicted to KFC. I was obese, weighing 250 pounds. I was confused by nutritional jargon, depressed and hopeless.

Of course, I knew that health was my number one priority but I didn't know where to start. On top of all of that, researching nutrition on the internet confused the heck out of me. (Can you relate?)

But I didn’t give up.

I believed I had something to contribute to the world. I wanted to experience true health and amazing energy.

I tried all kinds of "quick weight loss" tricks to lose eight. Some of it worked. Much of it didn’t.

Over time, I gained some traction. Lots of it actually.

My energy levels increased. I started showing drop excess body fat. experienced real health for the first time.

Slowly I began feeling good again, day by day.

Today, millions of people are suffering with unnecessary symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, skin issues, digestive issues; and I've been able to help them overcome their health challenges for good with my Keto Kamp Academy.

If I can do it, you can do it. And I can show you how.


Everything you need in a step-by-step plan to help you connect the keto dots and experience real health.

No need to waste anymore valuable time trying to figure it out on your own.

Introducing Keto Kamp Academy

Are you ready to take your health to the next level, burn fat, calm inflammation and feel good? Then you’ll need this new insight into what works with keto and what doesn’t.

Keto Kamp Academy is the proven system for mastering ketosis, resetting your fat burning hormones, and putting an end to yo-yo weight loss programs. The course includes on-demand video lessons, audio-only versions for listening on your commute, keto workbook with meal plans and shopping lists, and private access to the Keto Kamp Academy Facebook group.

Here's What You Get...

It’s everything you need to transform your health right away, including:

⚡️ The simple, easy to understand 4-pillar framework that will walk you through the entire process of getting into ketosis, practicing intermittent fasting, and keto flexing for powerful results that stick.

⚡️ How to burn fat instead of sugar

⚡️ Strategies for intermittent fasting so you can achieve autophagy and reduce inflammation

⚡️ How to get rid of your symptoms for good

⚡️ Proven strategies to increase your energy and focus so you can crush the day

⚡️ 4 ways to practice Keto Flexing for life long results

⚡️ And so much more!

200+ Practical Video Sessions

These 200+ videos will walk you through step-by-step everything you need to get into ketosis, practice intermittent fasting strategies, and practice keto flexing.

Lessons You Can Apply Immediately

You don’t need to be a keto superstar. You can use these principles to level up your health right away.

Tested Framework

You’ll get an exact framework I used to help 472 of my personal clients achieve a combined weight loss of 5,232 pounds. Follow the framework, and it’ll work every time.

See what our current students have to say:


The Keto Kamp Academy Overview

Keto Kamp Academy isn’t designed to just be consumed—it’s designed to be applied. To help you apply the training to your life in a practical way, this course comes with interactive study guides and checklists. It also includes private access to a unique Keto Kamp Academy Facebook group where you can discuss what you’re learning with others doing keto who are improving their health too. The course will provide you with a proven framework for achieving ketosis, burning fat, and calming inflammation in your body.

Each module includes training videos from Ben Azadi on a specific element of the Keto Kamp Academy framework plus a PDF guide and a shopping list to keep your learning on track.


The 4 Core Modules

Becoming Fat Adapted: Discover how to teach your body to burn fat instead of sugar. Burning fat is a cleaner source of energy for your body. This has tremendous benefits for health and longevity.

Practice Intermittent Fasting (The Right Way): Discover how to use intermittent fasting strategies that will accelerate ketones and weight loss. Develop a custom fasting schedule that works best for you.

Phase  - The Carnivore Diet: In this pillar you will work on healing your gut so that you can get rid of many symptoms. We dive deep into 4 different levels of the carnivore diet. .

Keto Flexing (The Right Way): A step-by-step instruction on how to flex in and out of ketosis. The blueprint for achieving metabolic flexibility, and making keto sustainable. This is tailored for YOU. We have protocols for cycling women, post menopausal women and men. 

This training is composed of on-demand training videos that you can access from any device.

Plus Your Other Instant Bonuses When You Purchase the Keto Kamp Bundle

BONUS ONE: All of Your Questions Answered by Ben Azadi, The Latest Keto Breakthroughs With Two Group Coaching Calls Per Month 

($4,500 VALUE FREE)

This is one of the most important bonuses you’ll receive today, you get access to Monthly Group Coaching Calls on Zoom. We've created the Keto Kamp Academy course knowing that you’re going to need continued support throughout your entire growth process. That’s why we’ve developed the Facebook group and these group coaching calls, along with weekly posts to give you constant support, motivation and accountability. But we decided to add even more opportunities for you to get your questions answered.

You get access to a monthly Q&A session with Ben Azadi and other Keto Kamp certified coaches. On these sessions, you’ll not only get to ask your questions, but we’ll go over specific areas of keto, celebrate your progress and demolish the obstacles standing in your way.

These group coaching calls normally cost $1,500 each. But you’ll get two of them them each month, for free with this bundle, that is a value of $54,000 over a year!

BONUS TWO: The Single FASTEST Way to Embrace The Keto Lifestyle - Fat Burning Keto Meal Plans + Restaurant Cheat Sheet 


I Hand-Picked These Delicious Keto Recipes For you. These Meals Are The Easiest Way to Adopt to Keto Lifestyle

Guaranteed to Blast Fat, Balance Your hormones, Boost Your Metabolism… and… Taste Damn Good.

BONUS THREE: Your Program Customized & Tailored Just For You With Your Personal Keto Kamp Coach


You'll be able to receive custom, one on one coaching from any of our Keto Kamp Coaches. With this bonus, you'll receive a 30 minute one on one Zoom video calls with with a coach, each month to customize your approach, answer your questions, and keep you accountable. You get this FREE in this bundle. You will also receive your coaches phone number so you can text them with questions!

BONUS FOUR: At-Home Cellular Inflammation Test Kit:


You will be mailed your at-home cellular inflammation test. This is 50X more accurate than any blood test at identifying cellular inflammation. Poor cellular health equals premature aging and has now been linked to so many chronic health conditions. You will also receive a FREE coaching call to review your results. (This test is taken at home and is completed in minutes)

BONUS FIVE: Bonus Content With Advanced Fat Loss Tips, How to Improve Sleep, Workout Videos & More

($1,997 Value FREE)

You'll receive instant access to our Keto Kamp Academy Bonus content. Here you'll find workout videos and templates, advanced tips for fat loss, sleep modules, anti-aging videos, exclusive interviews and MORE. 

BONUS SIX: Private Keto Kamp Academy Community Group to Connect With Other Members, Brag About Your Progress, Share Recipes & Receive Support

($97 Value FREE)

Inside your private Facebook group, you'll get to connect with other like minded health driven individuals. You'll be able to post questions and see the victories of other members.

BONUS SEVEN: Custom Health Protocols on Immune Health, Tinnitus, Autoimmune, Leaky Gut, Constipation, Gout, Keto Without A Gallbladder, & More - Developed by Ben Azadi 

($2997 Value FREE)

Ben Azadi has spent the last 16 years researching health and nutrition, and has put together custom health protocols that outlines a step by step process for reversing several health conditions. You get full access to all of these protocols instantly. Updated quarterly!


Work at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.

David Donwerth - Keto Kamp Academy member

"I’m so grateful to be a Keto Kamp member. It took me 20 years to put on all that weight... thought it would take that long to lose it. 18 months of LCHF and the result is AWESOME! I’m thankful Ben Azadi for all of the content you share... it’s changed my life for the better.

Amy Derry - Keto Kamp Academy Member

"Less than two weeks of cutting out processed sugar and my face is already less puffy and my rosacea has calmed down (also I lost 8 pounds) I might sound a little vain but I'm looking forward to seeing my cheekbones again. Love the Keto Kamp program!!!"

Sander Sobera - Keto Kamp Academy Member

"When I started working with Ben I weighed 270 lbs, and I was relying on my sleep apnea machine each night. As of today, I've lost almost 70 lbs of fat, and I no longer have to rely on my sleep apnea machine. Ben saved my life. The best part about Ben is that he genuinely cares about you. Thank you for everything, Ben!"

Join Keto Kamp Academy right now & you get:

Full Access to Keto Kamp Academy

2 Group Coaching Calls With Ben Azadi Per Month

Monthly Masterclass Training Sessions

A 30 Minute One on One Coaching Call With Our Keto Kamp Coaches

Keto Kamp Academy Bonus Content

At-Home Cellular Inflammation Test Kit

Access to The Private Keto Kamp Academy Facebook Group

Keto Meal Plans & Restaurant Cheat Sheet

Custom Health Protocols

$3,997 Value

$4,500 Value

$1,997 Value

$750 Value

$1,997 Value


$99 Value

$97 Value



Total Bundle Value: $17,335
Your Price: $297 Take An Additional $100 off. Your Special Price: $197

(Renews Every Month,

Cancel Anytime)

If you ONLY got Keto Kamp Academy in this offer... it'd be worth it. The strategies in this course are what 472 of my personal clients used for a combined weight loss of 5,253 pounds.

But because we wanted to make this offer a no-brainer to accept - we also added ALL of this to help you on your keto journey.

We're basically giving away the farm to you because we care THAT much about your success.

See What Current Members Are Saying:

About Ben Azadi

I'm the best selling author of 4 books, national speaker and founder of Keto Kamp. Keto Kamp is a globally recognized brand represented in 111 countries. We have a top 15 health podcast, The Keto Kamp Podcast, and a YouTube community with over 200,000 subscribers. I'm one of today’s leading educators on ketosis, intermittent fasting, and other ancient healing strategies.

My 4 books have been ranked number one worldwide. I work closely with health thought leaders Dr Daniel Pompa, Dr Mindy Pelz, and other brilliant scientists and doctors.

I live in beautiful Miami Beach, Florida with my fiance Natassia, and our dog Ziggy and cats Anya and Milo.

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