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Confused About Keto? Learn the Four Secrets to Keto I Used to Help 472 of my Personal Clients Lose a Combined Weight Loss of 5,253 Pounds!


And how to calm inflammation, achieve effortless fat loss & energy (without counting calories and excessive exercise)

You're going to learn...


🔥 Understanding how to flex in and out of ketosis for sustainable results

🔥 The difference between clean keto & dirty keto

🔥 The role intermittent fasting plays to accelerated ketosis 


I'm going to show you the keto strategies you NEED to reclaim your health and energy in 2022.


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✔️ "I'm so grateful to be a Keto Kamp member. It took me 20 years to put on all that weight... thought it would take that long to lose it. 18 months of LCHF and the result is AWESOME! I’m thankful Ben Azadi for all of the content you share... it’s changed my life for the better." - David Donwerth (Keto Kamp Academy Member)

✔️ "Less than two weeks of cutting out processed sugar and my face is already less puffy and my rosacea has calmed down (also I lost 8 pounds) I might sound a little vain but I'm looking forward to seeing my cheekbones again. Love the Keto Kamp program!!!" - Amy Derry (Keto Kamp Academy Member)

✔️ "I’m happy to finally report I have lost 50 pounds and my blood sugar is continuing me coming down. Thank you at Ben Azadi for helping me come up with a way of doing Keto that worked for me." - Jasmine Bonilla (Keto Kamp Academy Member)

✔️ "I'm down 37 lbs, went from a size large 10-12 to a size small 6-8. The best part is I lowered inflammation, body arthritic pain, and bloating." - Diana Helo

This one-hour web-class will teach you exactly what I learned after 

🔥 Writing 4 best selling books including Keto Flex

🔥 Worked with tens of thousands of clients from 111 different countries

🔥 Ranked top 15 as host of The Keto Kamp Podcast

🔥 Hit over 125,000+ YouTube subscribers and over 5 millions video downloads

This is for those tired of programs that only give short term results and long term frustration ...

Now more than ever, we feel the importance of making your health a priority. Whether it's reversing an autoimmune condition, losing body fat, getting rid of brain fog, or just wanting more energy for your family.

Your health is your true wealth, and I know it is a priority for you. It's a meaningful endeavor you've poured hours into. And you really hope all those long nights watching keto videos are going to pay off. You've had it on your mind for months, even years. And now you're finally going all-in to understand how your body works at the cellular level.

I've been exactly where you are right now. As a former obese man, feeling the roller coaster of anxiety, yo-yo weight loss, discouragement and confusion. Our goal is to journey alongside you. We want to shorten your learning curve and help you with proven keto and fating strategies that work as soon as you implement them.

This free Keto Masterclass is the first step in that process.

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Why I am qualified to teach about Keto?


I'm the best selling author of 4 books, national speaker and founder of Keto Kamp. Keto Kamp is a globally recognized brand represented in 111 countries. We have a top 15 health podcast, The Keto Kamp Podcast, and a YouTube community with over 115,000 subscribers. I'm one of today’s leading educators on ketosis, intermittent fasting, and other ancient healing strategies.

My 4 books have been ranked number one worldwide. I work closely with health thought leaders Dr Daniel Pompa, Dr Mindy Pelz, and other brilliant scientists and doctors.

I live in beautiful Miami Beach, Florida with my girlfriend Natassia, and our dog Ziggy and cats Anya and Milo.

Now is your chance to get your 2022 health strategy set.


This free class is your starting point.


So what's holding you back? Let's go!