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The Diabetes Method Cellular Health Analysis Bundle & Consultation

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• Cellular Health Analysis and Report of Findings:

Over the last 16 years, Ben Azadi has become the world's leading expert in reversing diabetes. Work 1 on 1 with one of Ben Azadi's Trained Experts and discover if this is the approach that's been missing.. This offer includes a 60 minute consultation to review your results, and provide you with action steps toward reversing your diabetes. 

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• At-Home Cellular Inflammation Test Kit:

50X more accurate than any blood test at identifying cellular inflammation. Poor cellular health equals premature aging and has now been linked to so many chronic health conditions. (Taken at home and is completed in minutes)

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• Metabolism Assessment:

Quickly find whether or not you are burning fat, or someone who is burning sugar which plays a role in your cell damage. This assessment was created by Ben Azadi and he has used it to help thousands of people in the last 14 years. The score you receive is very accurate in assessing potential metabolic challenges. 

($99 Value)

Discounted 80%
$495 Value for only $167 Today!

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What Ben Azadi's Clients Are Saying:

"I would love to share my story in hopes to help someone that is struggling like I was. For many years I been dealing with hormone issues, and of course weight loss resistance. In early 2020 I was at 270lbs and I knew I had to make a life change not only for myself but for my family. That's when I heard about Ben Azadi. Ben helped and changed the way I use to think when it comes to losing weight and staying healthy. “Don’t lose weight to get healthy. Get healthy to lose weight”. I am almost 2 years in KKA and down 90lbs!! I feel so healthy, and my energy level has increased tremendously. I want to just say THANK YOU Ben!!! 👏🏻I wouldn't of been able to do it without your knowledge and support and especially the support of this group!! ❤️🙏"

Zepiour Margoosian, Client of Ben Azadi

"All my cholesterol, HDL, LDL, HDL Cholesterol, triglycerides are all in healthy ranges Blood Counts, kidney liver are are normal RBC is slightly high but she’s not worried typical after my type of surgery especially with the complications I had Ketones- trace amounts (not worried as I am on a ketogenic food style Vitamin D, potassium, magnesium all in normal ranges (finally ) B-12 high : reduce supplements to 1 x’s a week Thyroid all panels and All of them were done listed by you are all In good ranges! To be able to lower my meds certain ones will need to be high (all of those are getting close and Much improved over 6 months ago ). The ones that need to be low to have meds reduced are all in close range of being low! She feels maybe by next spring she can finally lower my meds back to pre Covid dosage !! So happy my thyroid is healing no signs of Hashimoto’s anymore (Covid reactive symptom) Now my A1C1 May 2022 6.00 this week is now 5.6 (range is 4.1-6.4) she has stated no longer pre-diabetes. My glucose sugars was 99 in May but this week were 101 fasting labs!! This stressed me as the range is 65-99! But her explanation and why she’s not worried 1)everything else significantly improved 2) only had 5.5 hours of sleep night before was excited to go to docs 2) I experience white coat syndrome PTSD around doctors and 3) I am still classified as in recovery from my extensive surgery 6-17 (with complications). She told me to quit stressing about the blood sugar’s that every thing else immensely improved Blood pressure down over 20 pts since May Official on her scaled down 32.5 lbs My Doctor is Very supportive of Keto/Carnivore/Paleo and intermittent fasting . Continue my current course My message is I stayed the course (5 mths) and the labs show it! I still have more healing ❤️‍🩹 but I will win the battle for my health!!!! This is sustainable"

Sally Harrison, Client of Ben Azadi

"One month ago I was saying I can’t lose this weight😭This month I’m saying my blood glucose levels are down and stable and I’m down 10 lbs already. 😀 Feeling very grateful for all the advice, help and support Ben Azadi - Keto Kamp, Alina Nazari and all you wonderful members. Thank you 🙏

Antoinette Francis, Client of Ben Azadi

"When I started working with Ben, I weighed 270 lbs., and I was relying on my sleep apnea machine each night. As of today, I've lost almost 70 lbs of fat, and I no longer have to rely on my sleep apnea machine. Ben saved my life. The best part about Ben is that he genuinely cares about you. Thank you for everything, Ben!"

Sander Sobera, Client of Ben Azadi