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An exclusive community like minded individuals dedicated to becoming their healthiest version, with direct access to founder Ben Azadi, his network and resources.
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  •  Monthly group AMA’s (ask me anything) / Health Coaching Calls with Ben Azadi  (this is the only direct access anyone get’s to Ben outside of his private clients)
  •  Private FB Group for day-to-day connection, collaboration, contribution. Ben and other group members are here to answer specific answers.
  •  Special Guest training/AMA’s with industry leaders in the health and fitness space
  •  Monthly “Implementation Calls" with Ben's implementation team
  •  Member Spotlights where members reveal what's working now for them.
  • Monthly Meet ups with Ben and other members of the group
  •  Special Deals on programs, and events unavailable anywhere else.

"Ben helped me understand all the mechanics of keto and how to effectively apply it in my life.  Applying his expertise has helped me to lose 45 pounds and to save hours of time that I now can spend with my family and on building my tech start up. I've gradually been able to reduce my blood pressure medication down to the last dose! Thank you Ben, for helping me reclaim my health.".  - ALEX MONTALENTI

"I did keto in the past, and I actually ended up in the emergency room from severe stomach issues. Then I joined Keto Kamp; I discovered that I was missing important bitter rich foods that help stimulate healthy bile production. After implementing these bitters, and everything else I have been learning from Ben, I have been able to get great results with keto without any side effects. I'm truly grateful to you Ben for the work you do in the keto community. For anyone on the fence about joining The Keto Kamp Inner Circle, absolutely make the decision. I'm getting goosebumps because Ben is a true service to many people. Thank you Ben for helping to change my world." - MATTHEW COOKE

"When I started working with Ben I weighed 270 lbs, and I was relying on my sleep apnea machine each night. As of today, I've lost almost 70 lbs of fat, and I no longer have to rely on my sleep apnea machine. Ben saved my life. The best part about Ben is that he genuinely cares about you. Thank you for everything, Ben!." - SANDER SOBERA

"Meeting Ben Azadi has been one of the most extraordinary things that have ever happened to me in my life. Ben is the man when it comes to nutrition. I have following his information and I immediately felt results. My sugar cravings are completely gone, and I have more energy. I feel better now than when I was a teenager!" - LILIANA POPKIN

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